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An Evening With(out)              David Bowie

Presented and Directed by Thomas Mulready    

An Evening With(out) David Bowie

Presented and Directed by Thomas Mulready

An entertaining, educational presentation featuring rare video clips, needle drops, obscure cuts, and recently surfaced details of arguably the most influential artist of our time.


The presentation includes rare archival videos, photos and needle drops,  plus an optional live music set by Vanity Crash    

Trailer for "An Evening With(out) David  Bowie, presented and directed by Thomas Mulready

Moonage Daydream, performed by Vanity Crash

Entertaining  *  Educational  *  Enlightening

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Part 1 The Early Years:
From Davy Jones to the
Thin White Duke

Part 1 opens with a 9-year-old David Jones, inspired by the film Don’t Knock The Rock claiming, “That was my ambition, to be in a band playing saxophone behind Little Richard.” Following formal art school tutelage under the father of future megastar Peter Frampton, and a half dozen failed singles, bands, record labels and stage looks, he finally hits with the sci-fi folk rock novelty “Space Oddity.” It would be three more years before his Ziggy Stardust character takes off, triggering a manic run of hit singles, bracing concept albums, and bizarre personas, each one diametrically opposed to the last. After exploding worldwide with "Young Americans," Bowie hits rock bottom, as the excesses of mid-1970’s stardom threaten to engulf him.

Part 2 Mid- to Late-Period: From Berlin to Blackstar ★
and Beyond

Part 2 begins with the artist living like a king, having achieved stardom far beyond imagination, but strung out on cocaine and subsisting on warm milk. He flees his near-death existence in LA for the arid Krautrock beat of Berlin, accompanied by the most unlikely of sidekicks, Iggy Pop. Commencing with three acclaimed LPs known as “The Berlin Trilogy” in collaboration with Brian Eno, this session takes us through Bowie’s arena-sized celebrity with "Let’s Dance," and his not-always successful, but perpetually rewarding experiments in the 1980’s and 1990’s. The session concludes with his mysteriously choreographed death following the symbol- laden albums "The Next Day" and "Blackstar" ★, and includes a review of the recently released soundtrack to his New York stage production, "Lazarus," his newly released box sets and his final recordings.

Presented by
Thomas Mulready

Acclaimed Bowiephile Thomas Mulready is known for his avant-garde non-profit festivals: Ingenuity Fest, now in it's 13th year, and the legendary Performance Art Festival, the largest festival of performance art ever. He created the CoolCleveland media network of sites & mobile apps to turn people on to the coolness of Cleveland, the location of David Bowie's first US concert. Assiduously researched and painstakingly organized, Mulready's performances offer a multitude of factoids and little-known background, informed by a framework of themes the artist mined at every stage of his career, right up to his untimely passing, and beyond.

Live Music by
Vanity Crash

Vanity Crash was born on stage under hot lights in the crucible of sound and fury as the glam-punk band The Angry 
 Inch in the rock musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Ever since, Vanity Crash has been dressing up and throwing down eye-popping 
 synchronized light shows, outrageous stage costumes and provocative attitude, opening for the likes of the New York Dolls, Poison, Semi Precious Weapons, the Darkness, and Gogol Bordello. Their recent celebrated tributes to David Bowie include timeless gems performed live alongside their own incendiary originals. Vanity Crash launches their 5th original release, "Phantasmagoria," in 2017, including an original track featuring David Bowie's longtime pianist, Mike Garson.


JANUARY 12, 2018; 7:30PM
David Bowie: The Berlin Era 
BOP STOP, 2920 Detroit Ave, Cleveland, OH 44113

JANUARY 13, 2018; Pt 1 @7:30PM; Pt 2 @9:30PM
An Evening With(out) David Bowie, Parts 1 & 2 
BOP STOP, 2920 Detroit Ave, Cleveland, OH 44113


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CONTACT: Thomas Mulready: Thomas@BowieShows.com

OR: Bob Burford: Bob@BurfordPR.com


  • “Your presentation was really fantastic, I especially liked the video clips that you chose to show.” 



  • “We also thoroughly enjoyed your David Bowie show last Sunday, it's stayed with me this entire week.” 

  •  “I really enjoyed the show. It was great to see the impact Bowie had on so many facets of popular culture!”


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Cleveland, OH 44107    

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